2000 Life Jewels Volume 5
1 minute pro-life audio messages for the right choice
Created 2000
Life Jewels are produced by  Life Issues Institute, Inc.
 hosted by Dr. John C. Willke.

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 1] Adoption Privacy
 32] Own Frozen Embryos?
 2] Partial-Birth Abortion
 33] Sanger a Racist
 3] Cytotec Deformities
 34] Sanger Quotes
 4] Commit an Abortion
 35] Planned Parenthood Goals
 5] To Save Her Life?
 36] National Organization of Some Women
 6] Kill or Murder
 37] Common Ground
 7] Feto-Placental Unit
 38] Non-Negotiable
 8] Pro-Choice/Slavery
 39] Abortionists Outcasts
 9] Impose Morality
 40] Respect the Remains
10] Impose Religion
 41] Bonhoeffer
11] Disqualifying Issue
 42] Herbert Ratner
12] Life, Liberty And ...
 43] Mother Important
13] Live Good, Dead Bad
 44] I'II Take the Babies
14] Safe, Legal, Rare?
 45] Russian Abortion
15] Keep Goverment Out?  46] To Stop Abortions
16] Ultrasound Safe
 47] Female Infanticide
17] Risk Breast Cancer  48] World Population
18] Post-Abortion Syndrome  49] Baby Six Billion
19] Violent Death  50] Dying Like Flies
20] Abortion and Drugs  51] Unwed Births
21] Suicide/Pregnancy  52] Russia Shrinking
22] A Rape Exception?  53] Genetic Crops
23] Rape Pregnancy  54] Arable Cropland
24] No Evil Gene  55] Advance Directive
25] Chlamydia  56] Funding Suicide
26] Holes in Condoms  57] Dutch Guidelines
27] Girl Child at U.N.  58] Get Them Dead
28] Sex Workers  59] Y.W.C.A.
29] Cloning Odds  60] Tolerance
30] Brain Transplants  61] Aids in Africa
31] Embryo Stem Cells  62] Divorce Statistics

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Volume 5 Life Jewels 2000


    This is Dr. John Willke with a Life Jewel:
Although infant adoption continues to do well in the U.S., infant adoption is disappearing in some other nations.  Adoption numbers have gone down drastically in England and Wales.  For instance, in 1975, 4,500 infants under age one were adopted there – in 1995, a mere 322.  Why? 

Well, a few years ago their Parliament passed a law abolishing, retroactively, all previous legal guarantees of privacy to women who had placed babies for adoption.  There are significant numbers of women who would be willing to place their babies in an adoptive home, but only if they can be absolutely guaranteed complete privacy in the years ahead.  Now, in England, her only guarantee of privacy is abortion, as adoption has become only a form of long term foster care.  This is Dr. John Willke.


    This is Dr. John Willke with Life Jewels:
Has everyone heard of partial-birth abortion?  Surprisingly, some people have not.  When you speak to others about it, you might emphasize several points.  At least half of these are done after viability, that is, after the baby is big enough to survive outside of the womb.  Over 90% are done on babies who are entirely normal. 

In it the abortionist pulls the baby out of the birth canal feet first, until the entire body is out in the air except the head, which remains in the birth canal.  He then kills the child by stabbing him in the back of the skull, inserts a tube, and sucks out the brains.  Then, with a gentle tug, he delivers the empty skull.  This is called partial-birth abortion, or brain suction abortion, sometimes intact D&E.  But I think the best term to use is, “killing the baby during delivery.”   This is Dr. John Willke.


    This is Dr. John Willke with Life Jewels:
If used alone the French pill, RU 486, only causes an abortion 60 to 80% of the time.  It needs a second drug.  This is a prostaglandin, trade name Cytotec, and it completes the abortion.  This drug is available in the U.S. on prescription.  It is used to protect the stomach lining when a patient takes large doses of anti-arthritic drugs. 

Unfortunately, it can also cause an abortion early in pregnancy.  Because of this, it is sometimes used alone by women attempting to abort.  Sometimes it does cause an abortion.  More often she does not abort, and these babies are carried to term.  Studies have shown that when such doses of this prostaglandin drug are taken and do not cause abortions, this can cause multiple congenital malformations in those children who are not aborted.  This is Dr. John Willke.


    This is Dr. John Willke with Life Jewels:
What are the words that you use to describe an abortion?  Well, we should use “abortion”, but commonly, we hear the phrase, “termination of pregnancy”.  That doesn’t sound quite as harsh.  Some use the phrase, “interruption of pregnancy”, but that makes no sense.  If you’re speaking, and I interrupt you, then that is a temporary pause after which you resume speaking. 

There’s nothing temporary about an abortion.  It’s very permanent.  So it’s simply bad grammar to speak of interruption of pregnancy.  There is a phrase that has gained considerable usage in the last few years, that was never used earlier and I would like to recommend it to you.  Does the abortionist do an abortion?  Why not say that he commits an abortion.  We’re familiar with that phrase, “committing a sin” and we associate something bad and evil with the word “committing”, so why not speak of committing an abortion.  This is Dr. John Willke.


    This is Dr. John Willke with Life Jewels:
Abortion can, at times, be necessary to save the life of the mother?  Yes, it’s in almost every nation’s laws and it is commonly assumed to be a given.  But, in three Dublin maternity hospitals in Ireland, a report tells us, that among 223,000 births over a ten-year period, there were only two maternal deaths and no abortions were necessary. 

So, is abortion ever necessary to save the life of the mother?  Well, if tubal pregnancies, trauma conditions, and cancer treatment are considered under the mantle of saving the life of the mother, the answer is yes, for those do prevent her death but are not a direct attack on the tiny human.  If we exclude these conditions and speak only of direct surgical abortions, then perhaps we have to say that the answer is no, at least this is true in a sophisticated medical climate.  This is Dr. John Willke.


    This is Dr. John Willke with Life Jewels:
Should we pro-lifers use the word “kill” or “murder” when we speak of  babies dying from abortion?  Yes, do use “kill”.  Use it repeatedly, directly, often.  It is a non-judgmental, accurate, biologic description of what happens.  We use it when we step on a roach.  We use it when we spray crabgrass. 

So why not use it when speaking of abortion?  “Murder”, however, is a stronger word.  One cannot murder a dog or an insect, only a human being.  To say “murderer” clearly implies that the abortionist knows that this living being is human and kills anyway.  Therefore, use “murderer” with caution.  But, except in a rare instance when it may be too inflammatory, the word is “kill”.  “Kill babies – Kill babies – Kill babies.”  This is Dr. John Willke.


    This is Dr. John Willke with Life Jewels:
Words are important.  We speak of the unborn child, the developing baby, the child in the womb.  We say the mother is “with child.”  We use phrases like “When did you feel the baby kick?”  All of these speak to the humanity of the child.  But the abortion industry does not want to recognize that the child in the womb is human, and so they use the word “fetus” and “embryo,” at best, but would prefer and usually use words like “the product of pregnancy,” “the feto-placental unit”. 

They speak of “it”, not he or she.  They speak of non-human glob.  In the first week, it is only a fertilized egg, never an embryonic baby.  But this is nonsense.  Could you imagine a mother gathering her children about her to announce her blessed event, patting her tummy and saying, “Dears, I have a feto-placental unit in my uterus.”  This is Dr. John Willke.


    This is Dr. John Willke with Life Jewels:
We all have heard ad nauseum, that a certain person or group is not pro-abortion, rather they’re only pro-choice.  But apply this to slavery.  Let’s say back then a person had said, “I’m not pro-slavery, I’m just pro-choice. It’s OK by me if the slave holder wants to own a slave and treat him as he wishes, but I’m not pro-slavery.” 

Would you have believed that?  Of course not.  Just so, there really is no such thing as being pro-choice on abortion and not being pro-abortion.  They are one and the same thing.  If you are in favor of allowing someone to choose to kill an innocent developing baby, then you are permissive of and in favor of killing unborn babies.  Pro-choice? – Pro-choice to kill.  Pro-choice equals pro-abortion.  This is Dr. John Willke.


    This is Dr. John Willke with Life Jewels:
Should we who oppose abortion continue to try to impose our morality on the woman?  Well, look at it this way.  The Ten Commandments forbad murder.  So do the laws of every civilized nation.  This was an ancient Jewish law.  Therefore, do these laws impose religious morality?  Hardly. 

Abortion is a civil rights, a human rights issue.  Abortion is a question as to whether an entire class of living humans shall be deprived of their basic right to life on the basis of age (too young) and place of residence (still living in the womb).  So, perhaps the next time someone says that you are imposing your morality on her, you should ask them what right does a mother and her abortionist have to impose their morality, on this innocent unborn child, fatally.  This is Dr. John Willke.


    This is Dr. John Willke with today’s Life Jewel: Wouldn’t an anti-abortion law be imposing a religious belief on the nation?  The answer is “No”.   Our belief in God and our creation by Him, His authorship of life, His commandments, His justice, and our belief that these tiny ones are our brothers and sisters in Christ --- this belief is a powerful motivation leading believers to work for the protection of the unborn. 

This is the bottom line here.  Our religious faith motivates us to protect them.  Our religious belief, however, can never be the sole legal justification for seeking laws to protect the unborn, or the handicapped, or the elderly.  So laws protecting the unborn or laws against assisted suicide and euthanasia do not impose a religious belief, rather they protect basic human rights.  This is Dr. John Willke.


    This is Dr. John Willke with today’s Life Jewel: Single-issue voters today are frequently condemned.  But think a moment.  It was an honorable tradition.  Labor union members have frequently been single-issue voters.  So were those opposed to nuclear arms, to the Vietnamese war, and you can think of others where one issue dominates the choice of who the voter will select.

    However, when it comes to abortion, this well-entrenched, honorable tradition is accused of being exactly the opposite.  And so, perhaps, we shouldn’t use the term single-issue voter.  Rather, let’s speak of disqualifying issue.  If this candidate further wants you to pay for that killing with your taxes, by my judgment that candidate is disqualified from holding public office, and I will never vote for him or her.  Join me.  This is Dr. John Willke.


    This is Dr. John Willke with today’s Life Jewel:  I’m sure you’re all familiar with our Declaration of Independence.  It speaks of being given by our Creator, certain unalienable rights, and among these are “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.”  I’m sure we’ve all thought of these and have been reminded that the first right is life, and properly so.  Without life, you’d have no liberty, and certainly could not pursue happiness.  But many people today, under the term of choice, would put liberty first.

If we do that, and put liberty first, then you have the liberty to kill, such as in abortion and euthanasia.  And so that can cancel out life.  As stated, life makes liberty and the pursuit of happiness possible.  But if we reverse and put liberty first, it can eliminate life and then there will be no pursuit of happiness.  Think about it.  This is Dr. John Willke.


    This is Dr. John Willke with today’s Life Jewel: Sometimes we hear from political candidates that the abortion question is just so complicated that there is no easy solution to it, and, accordingly their answers to our questions tend to be lengthy, wordy and, basically, say nothing.  But, actually, it’s extremely simple.  There are only two questions: “Is this a living human inside of the mother?” 

And then: “Should we allow him to continue to live or should we kill him?”  A pro-life activist has said it in a very simple way.  It goes like this: “This is a complicated question? Not really.  Think of it in this way, live baby – good, dead baby – bad.”    And if we think of it in this way we’ll sweep away the cobwebs and get to the basic truth, the bare bones of this question.  Just remember, “Live baby – good, dead baby – bad.”  This is Dr. John Willke.


    This is Dr. John Willke with a Life Jewel:
When President Clinton was first elected, he made many promises that he didn’t fulfill, and one of them was that he wanted abortion to be safe, legal, and rare.  Safe it is not, we all know that.  There is physical and psychological harm from it.  Legal?  Yes, certainly it does remain legal, and until birth for social and economic reasons.  But rare?  Well, one answer is that he kept it, not rare, but everywhere. 

On the other hand, one wonders – have you heard of anything good that we want to keep “rare”?  Should health be “rare”?  Should wealth be “rare”?  We only want bad things to be rare, like disease, poverty, and abortion.  And, so, while he remained consistently strongly pro-abortion during his administration, maybe inadvertently back then he let the truth slip on this one.  This is Dr. John Willke.


    This is Dr. John Willke of Life Jewels:
“Yes, I’ve heard your anti-abortion message, but central to this is that I believe the government should stay out of this issue.”  You’ve heard this pro-abortion argument, I’m sure.  To answer it let’s turn to Thomas Jefferson who knew something about American government and the foundations of our nation.  He said, “The care of human life and not its destruction is the first and only legitimate object of good government.” 

Now, if we give this a little thought we should realize, if there is one absolute central, core function of a nation state, it is to protect the most precious possession of everyone living there and that is their lives themselves.  And they want to get government out of this issue?  Come on now!  Caring for and protecting human life is why we have government in the first place.  This is Dr. John Willke.


    This is Dr. John Willke of Life Jewels:
You’re pregnant.  You’ve had one or more ultrasound examinations and the question has occurred to you, “Could this possibly hurt my baby?  Might it, like radiation treatments, possibly cause a later cancer?”  Well, the answer seems to be in.  A major report from Sweden and another in the British Medical Journal have examined this and they report that ultrasound examinations in early or in late pregnancy do not increase a child’s risk of getting leukemia.

 Now, leukemia is the one cancer most frequently associated with radiation exposure.  Further, if it does not cause leukemia, which is blood cancer, the odds are overwhelming that it won’t cause any other cancer either.  So, ultrasound is apparently harmless and that’s good news for all of us.  This is Dr. John Willke.

    This is Dr. John Willke of Life Jewels:
Abortion and breast cancer again – this time we have a considered article in the Wisconsin Law Review that states that the current level of scientific evidence, linking induced abortion with increased breast cancer risk, is now sufficient to support an ethical and legal duty to disclose fully the risk to women who are considering abortion.  It clearly states that this risk should be included in informed consent and parental consent legislation. 

It also should be incorporated in all literature mandated by the state to be given to women contemplating abortion.  Since abortionists rarely give balanced information and counseling to women requesting abortion, many states have now required them to provide certain materials.  And these should now include the risk of breast cancer.  This is Dr. John Willke.


    This is Dr. John Willke of Life Jewels:
Among the negative reactions of women who have had abortions are: depression, loss of self-esteem, self-destructive behavior, sleep disorders, sterility, increased risk of breast cancer, later miscarriages, suicidal impulses, feelings of helplessness, anger, memory loss, chronic problems with relationships, anxiety attacks, guilt, and remorse.  It is estimated that as many as 90% of women who have had abortions suffer from at least some of these symptoms. 

This is called post-abortion syndrome.  If you know of a woman, or a man, who is hurting because of a previous abortion, there is help for them.  Where?  Even if he’s sympathetic, your doctor probably doesn’t have time to properly care for that person.  Rather, visit and call your local pro-life pregnancy help center.  They can help you.  This is Dr. John Willke.


This is Dr. John Willke of Life Jewels:  As the years pass we are finding out more and more problems that result from having an induced abortion.  Violent deaths of the mother are usually not included.  But now we have a major study from Finland which reports that the risk of death from suicide was six times higher among women who have had an abortion. 

The risk of death from accidents was four times higher, from homicide, twelve times higher, and these in the year following an abortion.  More so among women who have had, as opposed to those who have not had, abortions.  The study notes that such deaths among post-abortive women are most likely due to risk-taking behavior. This, they explain, is probably an expression of self-destructive or suicidal tendencies in women who are psychologically depressed after having had abortions.  This is Dr. John Willke.


This is Dr. John Willke of Life Jewels:
Abortion can cause many problems for the woman.  Feelings of guilt and remorse are common.  She often gets dreams, nightmares, flashbacks.  Anniversary reactions occur.  These hit her on the anniversary of the abortion itself, or when the baby would have been due.  These emotional upsets and others can continue to upset her.   To suppress and drown these out she often turns to alcohol, sometimes drugs, and this can become habitual. 

Research now available reports that such women are five times more likely to abuse drugs than women who carry their babies to term.  Translated into numbers in the United States, this figures out to at least 150,000 new cases of abortion-related substance abuse each year.  It’s not a good scene.  This is Dr. John Willke.


    This is Dr. John Willke of Life Jewels:
How often is suicide associated with pregnancy?  There was an eight-year study in Finland, which gave us some very interesting information.  For every 100,000 women who gave birth, six committed suicide.  Compare that to 100,000 women who had miscarriages – their suicide rate was 18.  What about after induced abortion?  For 100,000 women who had induced abortion, there were 135 suicides, that’s 6 times as many as after a delivery.

    The age group that had the highest number of suicides was, not surprising – teenagers.  Was there a difference in women from various economic levels?  Yes, there were more suicides among women in lower socio-economic groups.  There were also more suicides among women who were unmarried.  This is Dr. John Willke.

    This is Dr. John Willke of Life Jewels:
Pregnancy from forcible rape is extremely rare, but the pro-abortion industry exploits it constantly.  This frequently puts pro-life people on the defensive.  For instance, if a pro-life person refuses to allow abortion for this hard case, that person is accused of extremism, insensitivity and no compassion for women.  On the other hand, if the pro-life person does agree to this exception, pro-abortionists then accuse him or her of being inconsistent.

Your best answer remains this: “I don’t think that an innocent baby should be killed for the crime of his father,” and also “We don’t punish other criminals by killing their children.  Why should we do it in this case?  After all, the baby is completely innocent.  He did not ask to be conceived.  Why kill him or her?”  This is Dr. John Willke.


    This is Dr. John Willke of Life Jewels:
Forcible rape rarely causes a woman to become pregnant.  But what about those who do become pregnant?  A number of interesting studies have been done on these women.  One intriguing one was to ask them what their chief complaint was.  Everyone expected the answer to be, “that I became pregnant.”  Not so.  The majority of these women said that their chief complaint was: how other people treated them. 

They were ridiculed; they were ignored; they were avoided; and this even by friends.  But mostly even their friends didn’t know how to handle it.  They didn’t know what to say or do and so frequently said and did nothing.  My advice for you: love this woman; talk to her about her experience, help her if you can.  This is Dr. John Willke.


    This is Dr. John Willke of Life Jewels:
Perhaps you have heard the charge that children conceived in rape will inherit an evil gene from their father – that such male children will possibly become criminals and rapists themselves.  Well, this is simply biologically and sociologically erroneous.  Rape, incest, stealing and lying are not traits that are genetically transferred from one generation to the next.  There is no such thing as an evil gene, so there is no such thing to inherit. 

If this is your child, he’ll turn out to be what you help shape him to be, not what some gene determines.   Further, let’s remember that our nation, under God, gives equal protection by law for the children conceived in a sexual assault as well as to those conceived in a loving relationship.  Let’s get rid of this false argument once and for all.  This is Dr. John Willke.

    This is Dr. John Willke of Life Jewels:
Chlamydia is a very common sexually transmitted disease.  Ordinary barrier birth control methods frequently do not prevent its transmission.  As many as 85% of females and 40% of males have no symptoms when they have the infection.  But, even when she doesn’t know she is infected with it, it can still cause inflammation in her tubes. 

This can and does cause scarring in the tubes, and this can cause blockage and render her sterile, produce tubal pregnancies and other complications.  Young people are told that proper condom use will prevent this disease from being spread, don’t believe it.  It is spread, not only by body fluids but from skin to skin contact.  It just happens to be the most quickly spreading sex disease in the U.S.  This is Dr. John Willke.


    This is Dr. John Willke with Life Jewels:
Today, let me bring you a little information about condoms.  If you put the wall of a condom under a high power microscope you will find that there are naturally occurring holes in the wall and these have a diameter of 5.0 microns.  Male sperm have a diameter of 50.0 microns, so it’s clear that they cannot go through these tiny holes. 

But the HIV virus that causes AIDS has a diameter of 1/10th of one micron.  And so the sperm are ten times larger than the holes, but the AIDS virus is 50 times smaller than the naturally occurring holes in the condom.  From this, it’s clear that the AIDS viruses can swim freely through the holes in the condom.  And our young people are told that wearing a condom will protect them from catching this fatal disease?  This is Dr. John Willke.


    This is Dr. John Willke with today’s Life Jewel:  Girl child – that sounds inoffensive enough, but let’s look at it in the context of its usage by the delegations from Europe, Canada and by the western world at the United Nations.  According to the European Union, it is parents who pass along harmful values to their children.  Further, “having children” is to them a negative stereotype and an obstacle that the girl child faces as she tries to advance in society. 

Motherhood and traditional female roles are denigrated even though we consider them a woman’s most significant role.  In the United Nations, rights of the girl child are being pushed to include the right to view pornography, to be a prostitute, to make decisions against her parents’ wishes, to use contraception, and to have abortions.  And the delegates appointed by President Clinton representing the U.S. support these destructive policies.  This is Dr. John Willke.


    This is Dr. John Willke of Life Jewels:
As most of you know, the words “reproductive rights” at the United Nations, includes the right to contraception and the right to abortion on demand.  But there’s a new twist.  The European Union, Canada, Clinton’s appointed delegates representing the U.S., Japan and Australia, -- the rich Western Nations, if you please – these powerful delegations are pushing to have “reproductive rights” include the right to become a prostitute. 

This would pave the way for the occupation of being a “sex worker” and this to be listed as a legitimate career choice.  Incidentally, this has already begun as the United Nations has ordered China to conform to the proposed new convention on the elimination of all forms of discrimination against women, and to do this by approving “sex workers”.  This is Dr. John Willke.


    This is Dr. John Willke with Life Jewesl:
Do you remember Dolly, the sheep?  She was the only healthy lamb born from the first 277 embryos that were created by cloning.  Most died soon after being created.  Some died during the pregnancy, some died after birth due to congenital deformities.  Now, there’s another experiment, this one with mice.  Only 17 live fetuses made it to birth from 800 embryos.  Of the 17, only ten lived long enough to produce offspring. 

These are sobering figures and unbelievably high mortality rates.  And now we continue to hear about attempts to clone a human?  This will be even more difficult.  Could anyone, with an ounce of ethics and compassion, tolerate cloning experiments that would cost this or even a greater percent of dead and dying humans?  I seriously doubt it.  This is Dr. John Willke.

    This is Dr. John Willke of Life Jewels:
You’ve heard of using fetal brain tissue being transplanted into the brains of a patient with Parkinson’s disease.  The idea is that the new tissue may grow and produce chemicals that will bring clinical improvement.  Well, almost every year for two decades there have been given reports published of such transplants producing temporary success, but every case to date has relapsed without any sustained improvement. 

And now there has been one case reported from China of a man who received a fetal brain transplant.  He died two years later.  The autopsy revealed that the tissue had indeed survived, but rather than growing into brain tissue, it had grown wildly into hair follicles, skin, cartilage, and other organs, and he died from the new growth.  This is Dr. John Willke.

    This is Dr. John Willke with Life Jewels:
Stem cell research – The push in Washington is to authorize federally sponsored researchers to obtain living human embryos, kill them, dissect them, and then take stem cells from them.  The debate, however, is really not about stem cell research at all. 

Our government properly supports the work of many medical researchers who are using stem cells.  However, these researchers obtain them from other sources, such as adult blood, bone marrow, nerve tissue, umbilical cord blood, and placentas.  These sources do not require the killing of a living human embryo.  The argument, then, is not about whether to do research on stem cells, but rather whether the federal government should sponsor and fund the purposeful killing of living human embryos.  This is Dr. John Willke.


    This is Dr. John Willke with Life Jewels:
You’ve probably heard of cases of frozen embryos.  This is when a husband and wife create, in a dish, a number of brand new living human embryos.  Some of these are then usually implanted in the woman’s womb.  Frequently, the remaining ones are frozen and kept in cold storage.   Now, we’ve had several cases where the couple has later divorced. 

These husbands have later stated that these frozen embryos should be killed. The reason these men have given is that they do not want to become fathers.  Whoa!  That’s not correct.  He is a father.  These are his tiny living sons and daughters.  He may not want the responsibility of raising them, but he’s dead wrong in saying he does not want to become a father, he already is one.  This is Dr. John Willke.

    This is Dr. John Willke with today’s Life Jewel:
Listen to this quote: “The emergency problem of segregation and sterilization must be faced.  Every feeble-minded girl or woman of the hereditary type, especially of the moron class, should be segregated during her reproductive years.  Otherwise, she is almost certain to bear imbecile children, who in turn are just as certain to breed other defectives.”  Who said it?

Margaret Sanger, founder of Planned Parenthood.  And who did she include under those who, she said, were mentally deficient?  She included all southern Europeans, specifically Italian people,  Jews, all African Americans.  Only white, pure blood Arian people were of superior racial stock, and who do you think picked that idea up. 
You’re right – Adolph Hitler.  This is Dr. John Willke.

    This is Dr. John Willke of Life Jewels:
Who do you think said this, “More children from the fit, less from the unfit”? This same person said, “The most merciful thing a large family can do for one of its infant members is to kill it.”  This person was highly promiscuous, had many lovers, and favored free love for women without any sexual limits and without the burden of children.  She saw “the marriage bed as the most degenerating influence in the social order.” 

    Have you guessed who said these things?  It was Margaret Sanger, the woman who founded Planned Parenthood.  Further, she proposed compulsory sterilization for those she said were unfit.  She worked hard for “a race of thoroughbreds” until Hitler’s “master race” made that goal unpopular.  This is Dr. John Willke.


    This is Dr. John Willke with Life Jewels:
Planned Parenthood’s five-year plan openly stated: “Our mission is to serve as the nation’s foremost agent of social change in the area of reproductive health and well-being.”  Further, it’s objective was: “reaffirming and protecting the legitimacy of induced abortion as a necessary back-up to contraceptive failure.” 

It’s purpose is to “provide leadership in making abortion and sterilization available and fully accessible to all,” while noting, “the various activities that we undertake are not separate and are not competing.  They are complimentary parts of the single national strategy.”  These are all direct quotes from the published official policy papers of Planned Parenthood.  If it was needed these statements confirm that Planned Parenthood is the largest baby killing conglomerate in America.  This is Dr. John Willke.


    This is Dr. John Willke with Life Jewels:
The National Organization for Women claims to represent all women in the U.S., but it’s only one-fourth the size of Concerned Women for America, which is a solidly Christian organization and has 600,000 members. 

The NOW claims to seek economic and employment equality for women, and it does do some work toward these goals, but its two major goals are reproductive rights, that is, the right to abortion on demand, state paid at any time during pregnancy, and secondly, special rights for lesbians and homosexuals.  Because their members represent only a small fraction of American women, I’d suggest that instead of referring to them as the National Organization for Women, you call them the National Organization for Some Women.  This is Dr. John Willke.


    This is Dr. John Willke with today’s Life Jewel:
From time to time, well meaning people approach pro-life leaders and suggest that we meet with pro-abortion leaders. Their attempt is to find common ground.  Now that phrase has a certain appeal to it and some pro-life people have joined in such meetings.

I have found them useless. The basic facts are that this either is or is not a baby and this baby either is allowed to live or is killed.  There is no in between, there is no common ground.  The only area for discussion is adoption.  We favor it strongly and Planned Parenthood and its allies do their very best to demonize and discourage it.  For us to join as equal partners at such a table is to publicly admit that there is a moral equivalence to the two sides. And this simply is not so.  This is Dr. John Willke.

    This is Dr. John Willke with today’s Life Jewel:
Some say that pro-life and Planned Parenthood should agree to disagree.  If they did, this might solve the problem?  But, abortion violates the most fundamental human right.  There is no way that we could agree to disagree.  If we did, this would foster the notion that the baby is a baby only if the mother thinks it’s a baby. 

That the child has value only if the mother says it does, and that we’re responsible only for those we choose to be responsible for.  Some things can be debated, but not this issue.  This isn’t disagreeing about an issue like abortion; this is little people, innocent little people being killed by abortion.  This issue is non-negotiable.  We must continue to carry the flag.  This is Dr. John Willke.


    This is Dr. John Willke today’s Life Jewel:
What do people think of abortionists?  Well, at best, they’re regarded as a necessary evil.  Commonly, they are social outcasts, ostracized by most people in the community and also by almost all other doctors.  People avoid them.  Even their children are shunned. 

A nationwide survey showed that, by their own admission, 70% of abortionists say they are not respected in the medical community, 65% of them feel ostracized, 87% have been harassed, and half of them have problems retaining staff.  One in five has been denied hospital privileges and two-thirds say that the non-abortion part of their practice has suffered because they do abortions.  Don’t you wonder why anyone would want to go into this field of work?  This is Dr. John Willke.


    This is Dr. John Willke with Life Jewels:
Should fetal body parts from aborted babies be used for research?  One rationale offered for this is that they are going to be thrown away otherwise.  This way they may do somebody some good.  Let’s recall that the very same argument was used by Nazi doctors about experimenting on Jews before and after they were killed in the Holocaust. 

The doctors who did these experiments were tried for crimes against humanity; that was after the war, by an international court at Nuremberg.  Some of those doctors were hanged for what they did.  Furthermore, if this argument had validity we could use condemned prisoners for such testing.  Or how about using the bodies of enemy soldiers killed in wartime, or the body of a homeless man who dies in a public shelter?  No, we respect the remains of all of these people.  Why not, also, the unborn?  This is Dr. John Willke.


    This is Dr. John Willke of Life Jewels:
Today, a word from Dietrich Bonhoeffer.  He said: “Marriage is inseparable with the recognition of the unborn child’s rights, rights not in the parents’ disposition.  When these rights are not recognized, marriage ceases to be marriage and becomes a mere relationship.  To kill the fruit in its mother’s womb, offends against the child’s God given right to live.  The question whether the fruit of the womb is already human or not only confuses the issue. 

The fact is that God intended to create a human being and that this human being has been robbed of its life.  What is this, if not murder?”  He then details that the motives for such a deed can vary but that this changes nothing.  The fact is that murder has been committed.  For those of you who don’t recognize him, Bonhoeffer was a famous German Lutheran during the Nazi era.  This is Dr. John Willke.


    This is Dr. John Willke with today’s Life Jewel:
Dr. Herbert Ratner has gone to his eternal reward.  For many years he was editor of the magazine, Child and Family.  He was a recognized expert in public health and also one of the fathers of the La Leche League, the well-known breast-feeding league.  A convert from Judaism to Christianity, he was a pro-life stalwart.  He wrote and published a good bit of medical information over the years on family planning, specifically on contraception and abortifacients.

    He left us with the following immortal words: “The old law permitted abortion to save one life when two would otherwise die.  The new law permits abortion to take one life when two would otherwise live.”  This is Dr. John Willke.


    This is Dr. John Willke with Life Jewels:
Back during the Cold War in Hungary, Cardinal Josef Mindzenty was imprisoned by the Communists.  While there he wrote this short piece:   

The most important person on earth is a mother.  She cannot claim the honor of having built Notre Dame Cathedral.  She need not.  She has built something more magnificent than any Cathedral – a dwelling for an immortal soul, the tiny perfection of her baby’s body.  The angels have not been blessed with such a grace.  They cannot share in God’s creative miracle.  Only a human mother can.  And in this sense, mothers are closer to God the Creator than any other creature.  God joins forces with mothers in performing this act of creation.  What on God’s good earth is more glorious than this: to be a mother? This is Dr. John Willke.

This is Dr. John Willke of Life Jewels: Today listen to this quote, “Only God can decide life and death.  That is why abortion is such a terrible sin.  You’re not only killing life but making yourself superior to God.  Yet, some people do decide who has to live and who has to die.  They want to make themselves almighty God.  They want to take the power of God in their hands.  They want to say, I can do without God.  I can decide.  That is the most devilish thing a human can do.”  And who am I quoting?  Someone you’ve heard about – Mother Theresa of fond memory.

She also told a large audience in America which included the President and Vice-President of the U.S. and their wives, that if we didn’t want all of our babies, she would find loving homes for them in Calcutta.  This is Dr. John Willke.


    This is Dr. John Willke of Life Jewels:  The first country in the world to legalize abortion was Russia.  It was done by a decree of Lenin.  One of his central goals was to realize his Communist dream.  In order to do that he had to eliminate the two major obstacles, 1) religion, and 2) the family.  Legalizing and paying for abortion on demand went a long way toward accomplishing both goals. 

Low wages forcing women out of the home and into the workforce, along with free abortions was a heavy-handed state-sponsored way to encourage women to devote their energies to building socialism, not families.  Individuals and groups who opposed the official abortion policy, by definition were engaging in anti-state activity and many were dealt with accordingly.  This is Dr. John Willke. 


    This is Dr. John Willke with Life Jewels:
With only a very few exceptions, every nation in the world that has legalized abortion has done it through an act of their parliament.  Only Italy and Switzerland have legalized by popular referenda and Ireland, in referenda, turned down legal abortion.  Almost alone in the world is the United States, which has legal abortion by order of the court.  Canada is a close second, as its courts have declared any anti-abortion law also to be unconstitutional. 

The fallout from this is that most countries can again protect human life by passing laws to do so.  In the U.S. and Canada however, this option is not available and the only answer is to have the Supreme Court so rule or to amend the constitution.  Because the U.S. Supreme Court has declared anti-abortion laws to be unconstitutional, we have been unable to prevent abortions in the U.S.  This is Dr. John Willke.


    This is Dr. John Willke with Life Jewels:
China’s ruthless one-child policy has been well known and has now been going on for two decades.  In spite of recent repeated Chinese denials, the program continues essentially as it has been operating.  You see, in China, if you’re only allowed one child, overwhelmingly parents want a boy.  This is because the boy must support his aging parents, while the girl leaves them to join her husband and help support his parents. 

China has no national social security.  Old folks are on their own.  Accordingly, when baby girls are born, they are frequently killed at birth.  It has been documented that in one region, over a period of one decade, 800,000 infant girls were killed, abandoned and allowed to die.  There are twelve regions.  This adds up to over ten million dead little girls in ten years.  This is Dr. John Willke.


    This is Dr. John Willke with a Life Jewel:
If current trends in declining fertility continue as they are now, the world’s population should peak at 7.5 billion people in the year 2040, and then drop by 120 million a year between 2040 and 2050.  It will then continuously decline after that by nearly 30% in each subsequent generation.  Now, this is according to the United Nations’ population department’s low variant projections, which are the most historically accurate. 

So the fact is, by the middle of this century, world population will have plateaued and begun to progressively decline.  This aging of the present population, then a plateau in total numbers, then a steady decline due to a low birthrate has already been occurring in the developed nations and is now rapidly becoming the norm in many under-developed nations.  This is Dr. John Willke.

    This is Dr. John Willke with a Life Jewel:
Overpopulation – Baby Six Billion was born in the fall of ’99.  Is this a problem?  Well, as a matter of fact, the world’s population will never again double.  It is probably going to crest in approximately the year 2040, at between 7 and 8 billion people.  Then it will move into a gradual decline. 

The problem in the 21st Century will be too many old people and not enough young folks to pay taxes, to produce, and to care for the elders.  This is the prediction of most world demographers today.  As we begin the third millennium, half of the world’s population already lives in a country that has a birth rate below replacement level, while most other nations are dropping toward it.  This is Dr. John Willke.


    This is Dr. John Willke with today’s Life Jewel:
Over population?  Not really.  Adding his voice to an increasing chorus of others, Harvard scholar, Nicholas Eberstadt has stated that worldwide fear of over population is unfounded.  The real problem facing the world in the twenty-first century will be de-population.  Today, yet, the world’s population, except in Europe, Canada, Australia and Japan does continue to grow. 

This current expansion of population, however, in the U.S. is due largely to immigration, but elsewhere it is the result almost entirely of health improvements and of extension of life expectancy.  To quote him, “World population is increasing, not because people are breeding like rabbits, but because they have stopped dying like flies.”  This is Dr. John Willke.


    This is Dr. John Willke of Life Jewels:  The proportion of births to unwed mothers continues to slowly rise in the United States.  It is now 33%, and this is frightening.  Yet, there are some countries that are worse.  In Denmark, it’s 46%, in Norway – 49%, in Sweden the illegitimate birthrate is 54%, and in Iceland a staggering 65%. 

These Scandinavian countries have essentially abandoned marriage and embarked on a new culture.   These countries birthrates are far below replacement level.  Directly, as a result of this, is the fact that if this continues and at present it is still getting worse, these nations will age and die with increasing rapidity as the years pass.  There is still time to reverse this destructive trend in the U.S.  If and when we do, we’ll be an example to other nations.  This is Dr. John Willke.


    This is Dr. John Willke with Life Jewels:
Russia is shrinking.  Its population is falling by about 800,000 people each year.  The Russian press reports that for every one birth, there are two abortions.  Add to this a high death rate due to alcohol abuse, a failing public health system, a growing AIDS problem, considerable emigration (people leaving the country), an increase in tuberculosis, an economic crisis, wars in the south, and a shocking high suicide rate. 

Add to this the fact that at the same time the remaining people, on average, are growing older.  Life expectancy for men has dropped from the mid-sixties to 57 years.  Vodka consumption is astronomical and is the cause of much of the above.  Russia’s future, if these trends continue, is bleak.  This is Dr. John Willke.


    This is Dr. John Willke with today’s Life Jewel:
Radical environmental groups are against genetically engineered food crops.  Now, this is strange because with these we produce more abundant food.  Further, these require less farmland because they can resist heat and insect attacks.  So why do they oppose?

Radical environmental groups, often called “Greens”, have as a top priority anything and everything that will reduce the world’s population.  Such genetically engineered foods will be a great benefit to mankind and will allow more people to stay healthy, and to live longer.  Perhaps that is the real reason for their puzzling stance.  They mean to reduce human population and they’ll even oppose such major benefits as these remarkable new foods to achieve their goal.  I’m sorry, but I don’t agree with them.  This is Dr. John Willke.


    This is Dr. John Willke with today’s Life Jewel:
Those sounding the overpopulation alarm tell of vast areas of forest being denuded and plowed under for needed crops.  But this fear is misplaced.  According to the prestigious Competitive Enterprise Institute, the amount of arable permanent cropland worldwide has been increasing at a slow but steady pace over the last two decades.

 It is a twentieth-century phenomena that mankind has dramatically increased its crop production, to meet the needs of the rapidly growing world population, by increasing crop production on land already under cultivation rather than clearing new land.  This has resulted in saving the total area equal to North America, 10 million square miles, and that means that there are that many yet remaining rain forests, wetlands, and mountain terrain that have not been plowed under.  So this is good news.  This is Dr. John Willke.


    This is Dr. John Willke with a Life Jewel:
What should we think about signing an advance directive, a so-called living will?  I think at best they are useless, and at worst could kill you.  The basic problem is this.  How will any person be able to predict, to make a well-informed decision about what they will want and need – among many different options – at an unknown time in the future, when confronted with an unknown medical decision, under unknown circumstances, and in an unknown location? 

What you think today, and what you’ll think then, are very likely two different things.  If such a directive is only a guide to an ethical physician’s competent judgment, then ok.  But, if it is in any way compulsory, it should be resisted strongly.  This is Dr. John Willke.

    This is Dr. John Willke with a Life Jewel:
The state of Oregon has legalized physician-assisted suicide.  Along with this, some managed care companies are now fully funding the drugs and professional help needed for assisted suicide, but have placed sharp limits on the money available for drugs for pain control and for in-home end-of-life care. 

It seems clear that when assisted suicide and euthanasia become legal in a culture, hospice, and end-of-life care shrink and all but disappear.  The reason is that such compassionate care requires more resources of time, money, commitment, and education than does the deliberate killing of patients.  More proof of this is in the Netherlands where direct euthanasia is legal.  Hospice care there is almost nonexistent.  This is Dr. John Willke.


    This is Dr. John Willke with Life Jewels:
Before a doctor can kill a patient in Holland, there are guidelines that should be followed.  These include:  The patient must make a voluntary, informed request, is of sound mind, and must repeat the request several times.  The patient must be suffering unbearable pain.  The patient must have a terminal illness.  Other doctors must sign to agree. 

Certain reports must be made.  And finally, this must be an absolute last resort, with no other options available, as everything else has been tried.  I have an office in Holland.  I know many doctors there and they all tell me the same thing: Every single requirement I’ve mentioned is routinely ignored.  The most important one they ignore is being a voluntary request, as half of the patients killed by doctors in Holland did not request it, and did not know they were going to be killed. 

    This is Dr. John Willke of Life Jewels:  Assisted suicide and direct euthanasia are legal in the Netherlands.  In that country, doctors regularly kill patients.  Many believe that if a prescription for lethal medicine is given by a doctor for the patient to take, that the death will be quick and peaceful. 

A sobering Dutch study, however, has shown that when a patient does take the lethal medicine that is prescribed, there are often long delays before death occurs.  Further, in 16% of such cases, death does not occur.  In such cases they speak of, “problems with completion” meaning that since the patient did not die, the doctor or the relatives then, had to see that they did get dead, and so they had to directly kill the patient.  In Holland, it’s usually a direct lethal injection; they can do it by smothering, or other means.  This is Dr. John Willke.

    This is Dr. John Willke of Life Jewels:  Did you know that the national policy for the Young Women’s Christian Association is strongly pro-abortion?  The YWCA was, in essence, captured two decades ago by a group of radical anti-life feminists.  Its policies today, remain aggressively pro-abortion.  Back in 1973 already, its convention voted, “to support efforts to provide safe abortions to women who desire them.” 

In 1989, it restated its policy of support for repeal of all laws restricting or prohibiting abortion in any way. There has been no essential change since that time.  This is an ongoing tragedy as the YWCA obviously does do many good things.  But do remember, when you support them, you are also supporting abortion.  Incidentally, the YMCA remains very pro-life.  This is Dr. John Willke.


    This is Dr. John Willke with a Life Jewel:
We hear a great deal today about being tolerant of this or that person or of that idea, but is intolerance always bad?  Churchill was extremely intolerant of Hitler.  Mother Theresa was intolerant of abortion.  Lech Walesa, the first free premiere of Poland, was intolerant of Communism.  Martin Luther King was intolerant of racial segregation, and then again, Jesus was intolerant of moneychangers in the temple. 

Certainly, the Bible is intolerant in many, many places of idols and false gods.  I’m inclined to think that intolerance or tolerance should be measured by what you’re talking about.  Actually tolerance of an evil can be bad, while intolerance of an evil can be good.  This is Dr. John Willke.

This is Dr. John Willke with Life Jewels:
AIDS is devastating Africa.  Zimbabwe in southeast Africa is probably in the worse shape.  Life expectancy there has dropped from 65 to 39 years in the last half decade.  In Kenya, average life expectancy has dropped from 66 to 48 years.  In Botswana – from 66 to 40 years.  In Uganda, entire villages are empty.  Treatment in most cases is non-existent, so when the first infection occurs, most people die. 

    With AIDS, people catch infections because AIDS destroys their ability to resist.  In developed nations we treat and cure the infections.  But there, often, no treatment is available, and so the first infection kills them.

    Sadly, the massive distribution of condoms has given millions a false sense of security and so the epidemic rages on.  This is Dr. John Willke.


    This is Dr. John Willke with a Life Jewel:
How were they married?  Will they divorce?  This probably isn’t cause and effect but there is an interesting correlation here.  If a couple is married by a Justice of the Peace, statistics show that they have a 50% chance of ultimately divorcing.  If they were married however, in church, their chance for divorce is 33%. 

But if they were married in church and continue to attend church regularly, it is 2%.  Of interest are those couples who practice natural family planning rather than contraception.  Their divorce rate is also 2%, but the bottom line is spectacular.  If this group were married in church, if they attend church together, and if they pray together, the chance for divorce is 1 in a thousand marriages.  This is Dr. John Willke.


 This is Dr. John Willke with today’s Life Jewel:
Mary had a little lamb, His fleece was white as snow. And everywhere that Mary went, the Lamb was sure to go.

He followed her to school each day, twas not against the rule.
It made the children laugh and play, to have a Lamb at school. And then the rules all changed one day, illegal it became; To bring the Lamb of God to school or even speak His Name. Every day got worse and worse, and days turned into years.

Instead of hearing children laugh, we heard gun shots and tears. What must we do to stop the crime that’s in our schools today? Let’s let the Lamb come back to school, and teach our kids to pray!
This is Dr. John Willke.

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You’re heard of using fetal brain tissue being transplanted into the brains of a patient with Parkinson’s disease?  This is Dr. John Willke of Life Jewels.
    For two decades, such transplants have produced only temporary success.  You need to know more.  Join me, Dr. John Willke, for a minute each day as we speak up for human life.

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This is Dr. John Willke of Life Jewels.
    The basic facts of pro-life are this:  Either this is or is not a baby.  And this baby is allowed to live or is killed.

Plan to join me each day for just a minute, and we’ll look at the crucial pro-life issues facing us in today’s culture.

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